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Opening our doors in 1970 O'leary's has a great number of years experiance in many aspects of engineering. We service many different types of industry Agricultrial, Industrial, Structual and Transport there are not many things that we cant do.



Having a great relationship with our Agricultural and Farming community is something we do well. Having built decks numbering in the thousands for our farming sector the O'leary brand is know from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island, many farmers trust the O'leary deck to do what they need when they need it.


Not only have we furbished the farming sector with quality deck for many years. We have also provided them with trailers for many different purposes, ATV trailers, vehicle trailers right though to stock trailers. Trailers for the ute, trailers for the tractor even trailers for the truck.





We ourselves work in the feild and know the importance of having everything with you when you need it, and know where it is.


O'leary's has been making tool boxes and service bodies for may contrating firms, Roading, Logging and Transport is just a few that we have serviced. 

With under deck storage and extra fuel tanks an O'Leary service deck can be built to suit what every industry you are in. 


Structual steel work is an important part of the New Zealand building industry and O'leary's is proud that we have supported this over our many years.

No job is to big, and no job is to small. We have been doing structual for many small builders and large construction firms alike.


With a great team we can help right from the planing stage to the finished product.


Our Draughting team can soon produce a plan for a builder from a sketch.

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