Leading the market for our 40 years with strength and Reliability
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The steel fabrication experts

The steel fabrication experts that Palmerston North can rely on

General engineering with extraordinary results

O’Leary Engineering has a 40-year history in Palmerston North as leaders in steel, aluminium and stainless steel fabrication services. As well as our vast range of standard products, our expert team provides the opportunity to develop your own projects. We guarantee smart solutions to your needs, high quality steel fabrication and on-site services.
O'Leary Engineering will always deliver the highest quality products and services, to specification and on time. Talk to your local steel fabrication experts in Palmerston North about your needs today!

Custom made for you

Our latest high quality custom trailers demonstrate the way in which we can help new ventures to be developed. Every day, our general engineering workshop tackles an endless variety of common and uncommon tasks. Feel free to phone or visit our sales offices in Palmerston North with your needs. We will always be happy to hear from you.

A wide variety of products

We are also highly regarded as a premier quality manufacturer of trailers and truck decks. Our qualified team makes brand new and repairs a huge variety of items including custom trailers, stock crates, flat deck trailers, tipping trailers, ute decks, horse floats, certified tow bars, aluminium dog crates, aluminium ute canopies, conveyors, agricultural equipment, structural steel beams, and much more.
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